Cold Weather Gear You Will Need For Biking

Biking in Cold Weather
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Date : 15/04/2015

Most motorcycle lovers will agree that the best thing about owning a bike is the freedom it offers. Apart from using it to go everywhere that a car can go, you can also access places that a car cannot go such as down the alleyways. You can park your motorbike very easily and the best thing is that you can travel light and be ready to go in an instant.

While it is fun to ride your bike when the weather is nice and warm, the same cannot be said of riding in the cold weather. Nothing ruins a great riding experience faster than being cold, wet and uncomfortable. There are many riders who opt to keep their bikes in the garage during winter or when the weather gets too cold. If you do not want to miss out on your regular rides because of the weather, there are ways to protect yourself from the elements.

Installing a windshield will help to protect you from wind, which is one of the greatest problems riders face. When moving at 60 mph, wind in your face can feel like ice water being dumped on you! Installing a windshield is a simple way to get as much protection as possible as it helps to deflect the brunt of the cold air. The windshield is quite easy to install or you can take the bike to a dealership for installation. Other than this, consider getting riding gear that can make biking in cold weather safer and more comfortable:

A full bike helmet

Wearing a full motorcycle helmet can go a long way in keeping you warm in cold weather. The helmet keeps heat from the head trapped, keeping you warm. The face screen helps to protect the eyes from the harsh wind that can make riding difficult. This type of helmet is also much safer and it offers more protection in case of an accident.

Wear a good base layer

When choosing warm clothing, a good base layer is the place to start. Wearing fleece underwear or cotton long johns under your clothing will help to keep you warm and toasty. When buying the under garment, make sure that you choose the right material and get it in the right fit. The first layer should be snug while leaving you room to move effectively.

Scarf or balaclava

Protecting your face and head from the harsh wind is the most important thing you can do when riding in cold weather. A scarf will help to seal any gaps in your clothing where the wind can force its way. Covering every inch of your face and neck will make riding in the cold more comfortable. Wrap the garment around your head and neck to provide an extra layer of warmth under your helmet.

Boots and socks

The right boots and warm socks will keep your feet and legs warm during the ride. The feet are the parts of the body that usually feel the most cold due to reduced blood flow to the lower extremities. Choose boots that are wind and waterproof and some snug and comfortable wool socks.

Other items to invest in include insulated riding gloves and weatherproof jackets and pants. Also, make sure that your bike is in great condition by choosing the best motorcycle accessories in Perth.