Fun Things That Nobody Tells You About Motorcycle Riding & Riding Gear

Bike riding gear
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Date : 24/11/2015

To most people, motorcycle riding gear consists of a helmet, a pair jeans and leather jacket. And nobody questions this, since nearly every biker wears this kind of attire while riding his or her bike. However, this is not the official riding wear. They are supposed to have actual riding gear that is designed for this purpose. Unfortunately, this kind of riding wear is not well liked by some riders because it is awkward-looking, constricting and uncomfortable. With this in mind, here are some fun things that nobody will ever tell you about motorcycle riding and riding gear.

Riding a motorcycle is like riding a bicycle

One of the first things you will be told at a motorcycle safety foundation classroom is that riding a motorcycle is like riding a bicycle. Unfortunately, this is like riding a bicycle off a cliff. All the same, the basic principle is the same in that if you have ridden a bicycle, then you already possess the skill set that are required to ride a motorcycle. Yes, some of the basic manoeuvres will feel the same. For instance, when you steer, take off or stop, you will be using the same basic motions.

However, there is more to riding a motor cycle than meets the eye. Motorcycles have a clutch on the handlebar and gear shifter at the foot, and so forth. You also control the throttle with your hand rather than the foot, and have not one but two brakes. If you use either of these brakes at the wrong time, you will be hurled off the bike like a meat trebuchet.

Motorcycle riding gear is like a full suit of armour

Like mentioned above, a rider is supposed to have the right riding gear designed for this specific purpose. However, you will often see riders wearing just about anything while out there riding on their bikes. The right protective motorcycling protective gear is quite tough and long lasting. To start with, the bags, pants, jackets and nearly all types of motorcycle clothing is made out of the toughest material or fabric you can ever find on this planet – ballistic nylon, Cordura, or Kevlar.

When properly layered, this attire can stop knives and bullets. The attire also comes with thick padded gauntlets with knuckles made of carbon fibre meant to hold out crashes at thoroughfare speeds. The rider is also supposed to wear tightly packed leather riding boots that have non-slip oil-resistant shoes.

Apart from this, there are protective plates, inserts and pads concealed all through the entire fabric to protect the rider’s major body parts and joints. In actual sense, the today’s riding paraphernalia is a complete suit of armour that is socially satisfactory to dress in public. If you walk in any Starbucks wearing this attire, the most you can get is impolite stares, at worst.

Even though most of the ridding gear is designed to resemble standard clothing as much as possible, you are still leaving the house with knife-proof fabric, slip-resistant boots, impact pads and hardened knuckles. All these are designed to protect even the most hardened Full Throttle Power Sports enthusiasts. Well, there you are – all the fun things you really didn’t know about motorcycle riding and your riding gear!