Motorbike Dyno: A Simple Guide To Achieve Consistent Results

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Date : 19/08/2015

In order to achieve the best results in all you do, you must practice discipline! Practicing discipline means that you are willing to obey, adhere to the rules and pay the price. Thus, if you want to be proud of how you are performing with your motorbike, discipline is key among other factors provided below:

Check on low pressure

When the pressure of a rear tire is low, the most likely thing to happen is that it will dig into the rollers of the dyno causing heat and friction in excess amounts. Low pressure reduces the power of the tire. You should therefore, ensure that your rear tire in inflated to its factory-recommended pressure. Also have a regular inspection of your tire for excess damage and wear before dyno testing. Further, you should know the speed rating on the bike tire and never exceed it.

Finally, it is worth to know that it is very responsible not to deliver a motor to the customer if you are not sure about the tire condition. You should first replace it to eliminate any doubts.

Be keen on the booth

There are a few cases where some dyno booths move the air in a very poor manner such that the booth heats up excessively during testing. Still, there are those booths, which exhaust gases very poorly such that they allow the exhaust gas to re-circulate contaminating the air supply. This usually ruins any chance for consistency in results. It also poses a potential risk to those who work in the booth.

A good recommendation is to install a carbon monoxide sensor so that it will help you know when the air supply gets contaminated. In case it happens then, you can call the dyno or booth manufacturer for professional assistance.

Operator omissions

It is recommended to run the tests for power when the throttle is open and the rider weight on the motor. While doing so, ensure that it is possible for the throttle can open fully when you twist it to stop, also, that your bike is correctly set. Still, when you are setting the safety rear straps, you should know that the tech is supposed to be on the motor and hold the straps firmly. In case the straps become very tight, there will be an overload rear tire, which can make the tie to overheat resulting to low readings on power and tire damage.

Still, in case the rider is not sitting on the motor, there will be insufficient friction from the tire to the roller, which may cause the tire to slip when carrying out the test. Another issue to note is that should the rider cuts the throttle at the clutch whereas sampling is going on, there will be spikes in the graph at the end. Since the spikes usually register in form of data, there will be a maximum number created but it will be artificial. To eliminate such, you should stop the sample while the throttle mode is still on.

Find the center

When you are setting the motorbike on your dyno, make sure that you modify your carriage to position the center of the rear tire behind the roller center. This is to ensure that when applying the power as you are testing, the front suspension of the bike should compress for the rear tire to move forward to the center of the roller. This will as a result ensure a consistent and accurate test. It is also good to know that if a tire is very far, the rearward will slide on the roller.

The above information will help you achieve consistent results with your motorbike and if you need professional assistance to get the best results, Full Throttle Power Sports has you well covered.