Quick Tips On Riding Your Motorcycle In The Rain Safely

Bike riding in rain with safety gear
Category : General Posts
Date : 19/02/2015

While there are some bikers who prefer to avoid riding any time it rains, there are others who brave the weather to continue riding. According to most riding enthusiasts, as long as it is not raining too hard or the rain is not accompanied by strong winds, it is still possible to enjoy riding. Some also commented that as long as you wear the right clothing, you can ride without experiencing any major issues.

It is very important to dress appropriately when riding in the rain. Your regular jacket and trousers will not do you much good when the water seeps through your clothing. Riding when wet or humid can be very uncomfortable and distracting. Apart from the discomfort, you may be courting a cold if you ride while wet. Using rainproof clothing is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Proper rain gear

Invest in proper rain gear to make riding in the rain more pleasant. The clothing you choose should be comfortable enough to keep out water while still being able to breathe. Wear a helmet that covers the face to keep the rain away from your eyes. Good quality boots will help to avoid slippage.

Use good tires

Make sure that your tires are in great shape before you go riding in the rain. Slick tires are an accident waiting to happen on the wet roads. Choosing the right tires will keep you safe on the road especially the very slippery sections. Watch the road carefully and avoid white lines and other hazards.

Avoid puddles

Look out for puddles on the road and avoid riding through them. it might seem like fun to ride through but you do not know what is hidden under the surface. The puddle can turn out to be a deep hole that can bring your ride to a quick end. Avoid anything that looks like a rainbow on the road, it may be oil.

Applying brakes

When braking, use more rear brake than you normally do. Make sure that the front wheel does not start sliding as this could send you flying. Avoid braking strongly and whenever possible, brake gently. If you have to apply brakes suddenly, pump the brakes to avoid aquaplaning.

Relax when riding

When riding in the rain, remember to relax and avoid getting bunched up and cramped. Apart from tiring you out, failure to relax can also be dangerous. Riding while relaxed will make the experience much better. Do not ride if there is lightening as it can be very dangerous.

Ensure visibility

When you are out on the road while it is raining, you have to ensure that you are visible to other road users. Remember it is difficult for drivers to see well in the rain. Wearing high visibility clothing will help to make sure that you are visible even from a distance.

Well, it may seem like an obvious statement but you should reduce your speed when riding in the rain. Remember that the roads are wet and your visibility is hampered by the spray of the rain. If you are looking motorbike accessories to help you ride more safely, you can visit us at Full Throttle Powersports.