Where Can You Source For Vintage Motorcycle Accessories?

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Date : 17/03/2015

There is no doubt at all that restoring a vintage motorcycle is a labor of love. The whole process takes time and sometimes money. The end product is however, always worth it. You end up with something unique – something everyone can marvel at. But just how do you find vintage motorcycle accessories? Looking for the said parts is frustrating. So before you get started, learn what it takes to be patient. You will after all, be working on a rare motorbike. The accessories you will go for might also be hard to find but here's a few places where you can get started.

Auction sites

This is and should always be your first spot to search for nearly all vintage motorcycle accessories. Be sure to start with generic auction sites. That is, auction sites that exclusively deal with vintage motorbike accessories. Be sure to also stick to sellers with high ratings. That way, you can’t easily get ripped off. Being cautious to that extend will come in handy mainly because most online auction sites that offer vintage motorbike accessories have stringent return policies. You can’t return an accessory once you buy. Your best bet is therefore to ensure you are buying the right accessory from the right, reputable seller.

Vintage motorcycle fan clubs

There is something unique and special about vintage motorcycle fan clubs. It’s almost as if all members often have an unwritten code to assist each other. You can ask for anything on fan club forums and in no time, someone will come to your rescue. So take advantage of the clubs. You can also seek for any vintage accessory you need through their social media platforms and forums, if any.

Local classifieds

One of the strangest things about collecting vintage motorcycle accessories is the fact that someone somewhere will always have what you are looking for. That’s not strange though. What’s strange is the fact that the owner of the vintage part may either not know its value and may even contemplate discarding or disposing the accessory. It is therefore up to you to look for the person and convince him or her to sell you the vintage part. The best way to get hold of such people is to post an advertisement on your local offline and online classified. Then wait for the calls!

Motorcycle shows and trade fairs

They often showcase latest motorbikes as well as vintage ones. Some even go ahead to showcase future motorbike concepts. But who said you can’t take advantage of the shows and fairs and ask for an accessory or two. Sometimes all you need to do is ask. Someone could be willing to exchange an accessory with you for another one. It gets better with the fact that most motorcycle shows and fairs often sell bikes at discounts. You therefore can expect to also get accessories at a discount.

Garage sales

They are popular for the simple fact that most of them sell genuine accessories at affordable prices. Unfortunately, there are not many motorcycle garage sales per se. Find more about the ones near you and take advantage of anything they have to offer.

Of course, one of the other ways is to look for a reputable motorcycle accessory shop in Perth which will have connections in the right places. With their guidance, you will be able to find some really cool vintage motorcycle accessories that will set your hearts fluttering!