Lately, there has been a lot of talk about tuning your Indian motorcycle, whether it be PVCX flashing or PCV to piggyback on top. People are concerned about warranty issues and whether a dealer or manufacturer can tell if either was installed causing the warranty claim. Well, Polaris can tell if and how many times the motorcycle has been flashed, so some dealers prefer to use a PCV that they can remove if necessary and not leave a trail. But that’s not entirely true. The manufacturer can tell that the duty cycle of the injectors had been changed from the PCV if that’s what they are looking for. Injectors stay open for a given time buy an electrical pulse. So the ECU will record this.

Either way, it’s about the Manufacturer looking for an excuse to not cover warranty. It is up to the manufacturer to prove that the failer was due to the tune. ( which it never is, remember we can read code too ).

Now the image I ‘ve attached below is a screenshot of Indians Target AFR’s, which is appalling. They just did a lean 14.7 in a large area for cruising and then just dump to a 12.7 rich mixture for everything else. Now the problem with this is that if you make any changes to the bike such as intake or exhaust or even cams, this map is going to go even leaner and there is no room for that.

So the manufacturer can’t tell you not to Flash the ECU because engine damage will occur if you don’t. Harley have been flashing ECU’s for years and know tuning is critical.

Now, to be able to do engine damage with a tune, you would really have to screw the map up and not know what you are doing. It’s not something I recommend Joe Blow giving it a crack in his shed with. It’s quite involved.

We are the only ones in Perth who are tuning them correctly. Below is a graph of another local tuner (blue) versus our correctly tuned map (red). Loads more power and a lot smoother.We are constantly having to clean up other tuners maps because they want to have a go at it at the customers expense. I don’t mean to blow our trumpet, but if you aren’t going to put in the time for training you can’t ask for the money.

Another problem that has also happened is once we’ve tuned the bike, the customer has gone home and plugged his tuner in to have a look around. In doing so they have changed settings and have the potential to cause damage.

Dealers do fear this, and this is why we now lock our maps. This means that we have a passcode so no one gets into the tune to mess it up or copy it. This now protects the customer from the manufacturer saying that the customer may have changed the tune and caused a failure.

At the end of the day it comes down to the fact that a correctly tuned bike CANNOT cause a failure. And once we’ve tuned the bike it will be running better than the factories generic map. GUARANTEED.

P.S. heres a stock Scout vs our tune running a perfect 13.0 through the power.