Motorcycle Dyno Tuning Perth

Full Throttle Power Sports are one of the only motorcycle dyno tuning Perth has on offer, and we are the best too. We can operate motorcycle dyno tuning for sports bikes to Harley Davidsons, including both carburettors and fuel injection systems. We are an authorised Dynojet Tuning Centre. This means we are licensed to use the Dynojet Tuning Link software, which automatically optimises the fuel curve of a motorcycle by interfacing its Power Commander with a Model 250 Load Control Dynamometer.

More Power, or it’s On Us

The combination of a smart dynamometer and very smart software means that we offer the fastest, surest way to optimise your bike’s performance. Even if your bike has been recently tuned elsewhere, we’re so confident of producing more power from your engine that if we don’t, your Dyno Tune is free. The Tuning Link software is designed for use with Power Commander III or Power Commander IV equipped motorcycles, and it makes for fast accurate optimal tuning of your bike. It can simultaneously control both the dynamometer and the Power Commander, and monitors the fuel/air mixture at over 140 different points in the engine. Operating in real time, Tuning Link calculates the adjustment required to achieve optimum fuel/air mixture throughout the engine’s operating range. The new values are up loaded to the Power Commander, saving a copy to file. This process creates the best possible motorcycle Dyno tuning results possible.

Dynamic Tuning

Tuning Link can map fuel curves in both “static” and “dynamic” modes. This means that all types of use are optimised, from cruising to vigorous on and off throttle application.

Engine Mods? No Problem

Whether your bike is factory spec or modified, Tuning Link will quickly map the correct fuel mixture curve, giving a smoother, greater power delivery with optimum fuel economy.

Carbys? No Problem

Tuning carburettors is an art, and it’s one that’s fast dying, particularly so when young kids with no experience of carburettor tuning begin to try their hand at it. Full Throttle tuners grew up with carbys, and have still got the skills they learned. Your motor couldn’t be in better hands.

To learn more about the Full Throttle Power Sports, or to book your bike in for Dyno tuning, contact us here.