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ThunderMax with AutoTune. Fits V-Rod 2002up.

Category : AIR / FUEL


Exhaust Note: On 2012up VROD models, the OEM exhaust system has 12mm o2 ports. The factory 12mm exhaust system is not compatible with the 18mm ThunderMax oxygen sensors. Models with 12mm ports require the purchase an aftermarket exhaust system with 18mm ports.


* Includes the pigtail communication cable extension

* A 3 Year Limited Warranty covers the Thundermax ECU and the Autotune module against defects in materials or workmanship from the date of purchase by the ORI GINAL consumer for a period of 3 years.

* If the product fails under normal use due to an electronic component failure within the warranty period, then the item must be returned direct to Zippers for testing and assesment.

* Zippers will repair or replace at their discretion the defective item with a new, repaired or factory rebuilt replacement.

* There is NO warranty on the OXYGEN SENSORS!

* This product must ONLY be used in such a way as to ensure the vehicle remain s compliant with the relevant emission control requirements.

* Responsibility rests with the installer to ensure appropriate test equipment is used to validate the above.

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