CRF150R Upper Triple Clamp for Std. 7-8inch Bar (Black)

Description: New TBR billet upper triple clamp for the CRF150R. Our new design features an offset bar mount with adjustability. Simple to install, just swap out for the stock part. Clamp fits all std. 7/8" handlebars. available in Black Anodized or Red Anodized.

This billet aluminum triple clamp is anodized for that stylish look that you are going for. Not only does this triple clamp look awesome, but they are also lighter and stronger than the OEM ones. This is a simple and cost effective way to spice up your handlebars.

This new triple clamp for the CRF150 offers stock height bar mounts but the lower bar clamps can be rotated around to offer 2 different handlebar positions. +14mm forward from stock (in the reverse position) or +20mm forward from stock (in the positive position). This really opens up the ergonomics of the bike allowing the rider to get into the pocket (where the seat and tank meet) better. The rider will automatically become more comfortable when sitting or standing and give him/her more control over the bike in every situation.

Our Price: $199.99 NOW $99.99 AUD inc GST
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