Our P1 PowerTipTMsound suppressor

Our P4 PowerTip? sound suppressor is a recommended accessory for our Stainless/Aluminum ATV and MX offroad exhaust systems with M2 outlets. The P4 is designed to be used in our Stainless/Aluminum ATV & MX exhaust systems. A straight-through sound diffuser, the TBR P4 PowerTip quiets the pipe to 93 dB with no significant loss of horsepower. An easy and cost effective method of helping to keep your vehicle in compliance with new noise regulations. Easy to install - simply unbolt your existing M series endcap, drop in the P1 and reassemble. Note: Due to potential heat build-up, the P4 is not intended for use with our Titanium or Carbon Fiber ATV & MX muffler canisters. This is a spare part and needs an invoice to order.

Our Price: $69.99 AUD inc GST
Shipping: $14.00