PRO BLEEDER, M5 X 0.8 (Silver)

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  • For use on most Kayaba and Showa inverted forks with a M5x0.8 air bleed screw in the fork cap
  • Will fit on most late model Japanese off-road motorcycles
  • Easy to install, simply replace the OE bleeder screw with the Pro Bleeder
  • Reduces harshness caused by air build-up
  • Allows bleeding of air pressure without tools
  • One of the easiest bolt-on upgrades you can make to your forks
  • Kit includes bleeder valves and adapters (installed height of 7/8 in. or 22mm)
  • C11-027A Replacement Bleeder Valve (each)
  • Our Price: $26.99 AUD inc GST
    Shipping: $14.00