DUCATI 848/1198

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The unique TRC (Tri-Oval Cone) triangular shape canisters and straight “race-inspired” baffles provide the performance, while 
beautiful Carbon Fiber left and right muffler sleeves create an incredible look. To top it all off, the TRC “Cone” shaped end-caps flow 
with the 1198’s sleek racing lines while at the same time providing a great sounding exhaust note.

This new twin Slip-On exhaust does exactly that, simply slips onto the stock 1198’s header pipes. From there, the Yoshimura 
titanium mid-pipes then feed into the carbon fiber canisters. The look is timeless and follows the flow of the Ducati’s 

Another benefit, the entire Slip-On assembly is very light. Reducing weight up high lowers the polar moment, and overall, improves 
the handling of the motorcycle.

The new Yoshimura Ducati 1198 Slip-Ons successfully marry performance and looks, just like the motorcycle itself.

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Shipping: $26.00