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Maintain the intimidating lOok of a 2-into-2 system while achieving the performance advantages that come with a 2-into-1 race system. Big Shots Long feature our proprietary Power Chamber design which uses the volume of both mufflers to increase horsepower and torque. Finished off with 2 1⁄2” diameter plasma-arc cut, full-coverage heat shields, making this a blue proof systems with long lasting style.

Big Shots Long come with the traditional straight Billet End Tips. Baffles, mounting hardware and easy-to-understand instructions are included for a hassle-free, perfect fit every time. Include mounts for factory O2 sensors.

- Power Chamber Crossover Technology
- Full Coverage Heat Shields
- Available in Chrome
- Optional Quiet Baffle Available
- Equipped With 18mm o2 Sensor Ports


Our Price: $1,049.95 AUD inc GST
Shipping: $26.00

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