Alot of Harley Owners get misled at their Harley Dealer when they are purchasing tuners for there Harley. They are told that the Screamin Eagle Pro Tuner is a far superior tuner compared to the PC5 which isnt entirely true. Yes, you are able to access alot more features in the ECU which is generally useless to the owner, but the tuning isnt as accurate. If you want to access more there is also the Powervision available which is amazing but we'll stick with the PC5.

In the picture you can see the blue lines are the SE Pro and the red lines are the PC5. The Air/Fuel on the PC5 is alot cleaner and the horsepower shows this. The PC5 is tuned on the dyno LIVE ( bike riding ) at every rpm increment where as the SE Pro  cannot be tuned live. The PC5 also tunes in 250rpm increments and has more throttle position points.  Because of this you get a SMOOTHER  ride.

Most HD dealers just import maps to the SE Pro and send you on your way. But these maps are made in the U.S. to suit there conditions and you cant use them. They still need to be tuned in the city you live for true accuracy. We get alot of Harleys come in that ride rough and pop and backfire through the pipes. This is because they are lean. Dont get me wrong, Alot of people do the same thing with PC5's. They too need tuning, but there time on the dyno is quicker because its live.

If space is a problem, you should consider the Powervision by Power Commander. This too flash's the ECU so doesnt require a piggyback unit to remain on the bike. This can access all the features of the SE Pro and more.

People generally choose the SE Pro because the dealer has recommended it. Do your homework and call a tuning centre. We have tuned with them all so we know which one works best to suit your ride.

Anything that is PLUG'N'PLAY will just do the job. Everything needs to be tuned to be at its best. Our dyno readouts dont lie.

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