Venturi Air Cleaner Mission - Contrast Cut

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The Venturi Air Cleaner features the best in filtration and flow from industry leader K&N. It is a proven high performance bolt-on part that drastically improves the looks and performance of your machine. Our revolutionary backing plate promotes smooth air flow into the carb/throttle body while also providing hidden internal crank case breathers and our new tight seal oil separator insures a clean, leak free ride. Manufactured from Billet Aluminum in the USA, the Venturi is a jewel for the side of your bike. Features:
  • Distinct exposed filter design with a Stainless steel wire mesh screen
  • Design matched to RSD wheels
  • Built-in crank case breathers with a high-volume K&N Air Filter included
  • Slotted breather bolts and oil tubes are included with Big Twin applications.
  • *Not legal for sales or use on pollution controlled vehicles
  • *All air cleaners can be used on Mikuni carbs with use of adapter – part number HS42/001-K (sold separately)

Our Price: $599.99 AUD inc GST
Shipping: $14.00

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