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Motul 800 2t racing 1l

SKU: 16-201-01
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    • Chosen formula for the Motocross 250cc World Championship Teams


    • 800 2T Factory Line Off Road is formulated for 2-stroke racing engines


    • High lubricating properties


    • Lowers friction and wear


    • Ensures longer engine life


    • Prevents the carburetor throttle from sticking



Motul has traditionally manufactured high-quality motorcycle oil. They’re producing at breakneck pace, outperforming opponents at every turn because they employ cutting-edge technology to create motorcycle lubricants that deliver the highest racing performance. Motul, as masters of the Ester Technology, creates motorcycle oils with four to five times more film and tensile strength, translating to less expensive, longer-lasting engine protection.


Why does your two stroke engine need the Motul 800 2T Factory Line Off Road Oil?


One of the most significant priorities for a rider is to use premium motorcycle oil, such as Motul Motorcycle Oil. Because the motor engine is the heart of your motorcycle, using high-quality oil is essential. Motorbike oils keep your engine components adequately lubricated to prevent friction. To reduce wear, your engine’s moving parts should have a constant supply of oil. Motorcycle oils also cool your engine by transferring heat away from the moving components. For improved performance, Motul Motorcycle Oils feature a high heat resistance.


About Motul


For almost 150 years, Motul has been a global pioneer in the motorcycle oil market, providing riders with improved performance. They produce products based on their considerable industry expertise and mastery of the delicate mix of art and science in motorcycle lubricants. They are the inventors of the outstanding Ester technology, having utilized it for more than 30 years and surpassing competitors who are only now adopting it. Motul Engine Oils are exceptional, and riders in the AMA, WSBK, and MotoGP utilize them.


Motul staked a claim on its enthusiasm for creation with the first 100 percent synthetic lubricant created from vegetal esters and relying on aviation technology, after the success of the first semi-synthetic lubricant for automobiles, Motul Century 2100, in 1966. 300V becomes a legend, much as the 300 racing triumphs that the product name represents at the time.


Competition and a number of significant collaborations aided in the establishment of the gigantic awards list that has helped the brand become the global motorsport reference it is today. The racetrack’s intensity and adrenaline also functioned as the ideal launching point for the most demanding standards.

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