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Speedster Short Swept Exhaust – Black. Fits Softail 1986-2017.

SKU: 5
Category : EXHAUST, V-Twin


Features & Benefits:-

* Cobra’s line of Speedster exhausts, from it’s Swepts to its various two-into-two designs all have as a common theme the PowrPort cross over.

* The PowrPort helps to improve the exhaust scavenging to produce more power & it’s this distinctive feature that identifies the systems as Speedsters.

* Exceptional performance, great style & more features than any other comparable system.

* With the PowrPort crossover installed this system sounds better &provides increased performance that put it at the head of the class.

* It blends a thugster, mixed-breed look with pure-bred performance.

Tech Tips:-

* This system has 18mm O2 Ports.

* 1986-2006 Need O2 Sensor Port Plugs # FPE-AC00028.

* 2012-2017 Need O2 Sensor Bung Reducers # FPE-AC00153.

* Will Not Fit Rocker 2008-2011.

* Will Not Fit Breakout 2013-2017.

* Fuel Mixture Calibration is Advised.

* All Softail Models Require Passenger FootpegRelocation # COB-606-6220

Proudly Made in the USA by Cobra !

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